GPG delivers specialist technical advice through a core group of retained Associates, who are former Ministers, Members of Parliament, senior civil servants/parliamentary staff and academics. We have built long-lasting relationships with Associates who will work with us in an advisory role based on their expertise in specific governance fields.

Development researcher and expert
Ahmed Abu Sin
UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea
Mohammed Babiker
Governance & political strategy expert
Katherine Bain
Alex Brazier
Former MP
and Committee
Roger Berry
Local Government
and Devolution
Dianne Bevan
Former FCO Minister
and MP
Alistair Burt
Director of Hive Support & Former Campaign Manager
Eve Burt
Gavin Callaghan
Associate Professor in Public Law
Richard Calland
Legislative Expert
Janet Chingeni
Former Head of House of Commons Research Service
Rob Clements
Deputy Speaker of the Serbian Parliament
Gordana Čomić
Auditor General
for Wales
Adrian Crompton
Former MP and Scottish Government Minister
Margaret Curran
Adam Cygan Professor of Constitutional Law
Adam Cygan
Public policy
Francesca Danmole
Kevin Deveaux
Senior policy
Mukelani Dimba
Executive Director of ACEPA
Rasheed Draman
Director of the Centre for Freedom of Information at the University of Dundee
Kevin Dunion
Governance expert
Tim Durrant
Former deputy mayor of London
Roger Evans
Former ANC MP and Anti-Corruption Expert
Andrew Feinstein

Political Journalist
and Trainer
Tim Fenton
Former Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change
Caroline Flint

Stephen Gethins

Frederick Golooba-Mutebi
Former Adviser to the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Richard Good
Adviser to
RBS Chairman
David Green
Head of Nissan Centre for Political and Parliamentary Development
Bassam Haddadin
Former UK Cabinet Minister and MP
Lord Peter Hain
Political and Economic Consultant
Adel Hamaizia
Former Minister of Defence and MP
Sir Nick Harvey
Former Leader of Camden Council
Sarah Hayward
Former Chair of the UK’s Equality Human Rights Commission
David Isaac
Former Permanent Secretary of the MoD
Sir Bill Jeffrey
Political analyst
Sajad Jiyad
Research Lead
Hannah Johnson
Parliamentary specialist
John K. Johnson
Policy expert and activist
Halima Kaakour
Former Clerk in the House of Commons
Andrew Kennon
Former MP and Committee Chair
Lord Archy Kirkwood
Researcher and Policy Consultant
Müjge Küçükkeleş
Parliamentary specialist
Issifu Lampo
Former Clerk of the House of Commons
Lord Lisvane
Former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament
Ken Macintosh
Former Local Authority Chief Executive
Dame Stella Manzie
Political strategy and campaigning expert
Blair McDougall
Former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister
Lord Mark McInnes
Deputy Speaker at the House of Lords
Lord Iain McNicol
Former Deputy Presiding Officer of the Senedd
David Melding
Former ambassador to Libya
Peter Millett
Former FCO Minister and Minister for Women and Equality
Meg Munn
Governance expert
Laura Neuman
Former Chief of Staff to the Deputy Prime Minister
Lord Jonny Oates
Strategic communications expert
Ed Owen
Former Member of the Scottish Parliament
Lord Jeremy Purvis
Democratic governance practitioner
Alex Read
Former Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Trevor Reaney
Former Local Authority Chief Executive
Joyce Redfearn
Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit at UCL
Alan Renwick
Politics and governance expert
Alina Rocha Menocal
Former Prime Minister of Estonia
Taavi Rõivas
Former Minister and Member of Parliament
Joan Ryan
Independent Consultant
Tobias Schillings
Former International Secretary of the Labour Party
Nick Sigler
Former Secretary General of the Senedd and Chair of the Commission on Devolution in Wales
Sir Paul Silk
First Female Home Secretary, Former Minister and MP
Jacqui Smith
Parliamentary Finance Expert and Advisor to the World Bank
Rick Stapenhurst
Senior Adviser at the European Investment Bank
John Sutherland
Former Deputy Chief of Staff to the Deputy Prime Minister
Baroness Alison Suttie
Former Director of Operations and Member Services at the UK Parliament
Matthew Taylor
Government advisor
Nick Thompson
Local Government Advisor
John Tizard
Former Senior Official of the European Parliament
Dick Toornstra
Former Director of Public Engagement at House of Commons
Aileen Walker
Former Clerk in the House of Commons
Nick Walker
Parliamentary specialist
Hannah White
Former Member of the Senedd and Minister
Kirsty Williams
Expert in Political Economy of the Middle East
Karen Young
Policy expert and activist
Josephine Zgheib
Political activist
Victoria El-Khoury Zwein