Katherine Bain

Governance & political strategy expert

Katherine Bain is a governance, innovation, and political strategy consultant in international development.

An activist and strategist at heart, she started her career at the grassroots level working with community organisations throughout Latin America and is still happiest listening, learning, and coaching at the community level. After 30 years working at the local, national, bilateral, and multilateral level, Katherine continues to be obsessed with meaningful impact and an ally to groups that want to innovate through politically savvy approaches to shifting systems towards more inclusive development.

Most recently she has worked with The Asia Foundation, Results for Development, the Natural Resource Governance Institute and the SOAS-ACE program at the University of London. From 2019-2021 she was the Technical Director of the Learning, Evidence and Advocacy Program (LEAP) in Nigeria (financed by the FCDO), and a Research Associate at the Overseas Development Institute. She continues to be most content when she is mobilising, strategising, and finding feasible ways for local grassroots groups to pursue structural change.