Parliamentary innovation and engagement

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The purpose of strengthening representative politics is to improve the quality of people’s lives by ensuring governance institutions – including parliaments, ministries, and political parties – design better policy, draft better legislation, and deliver better services for their citizens.

Rather than treating these tasks as separate and siloed activities, GPG’s politically agile approach allows us to operate at multiple levels of government simultaneously to ensure that each step of the ‘policy-legislation-service delivery’ path is constantly connected to the other.

As a key governance institution whose primary legislative functions include lively discussion and debate, parliaments often find themselves presented with recurring challenges: what strategies should they adopt to engage their citizens? What tools should they use to conduct oversight and scrutiny? How should they build and supervise their financial plans? How can they initiate and strengthen relationships with agencies and stakeholders?

Our approach

Over time GPG has pioneered a form of Politically Agile Programming. Our programmes draw extensively on behavioural insights and our KAPE® (knowledge-application-practice-effect) methodology for ‘sticky change’ as a way of helping politicians manage the immediate problems and pressing daily challenges they face inside government in a way that also strengthens those political institutions in the long run.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, GPG developed an online platform with structured training for its partners, complemented by pre- and post-session readings and research. The online material relies on knowledge gathered in more than 40 countries over the last 15 years, developed into a series of modular courses centred around issues of parliamentary practice, political management, strategic communications, and leadership skills. The sessions provide a tailored and specific form of support to individuals and groups through masterclasses, one-to-one mentoring, strategic planning, and implementation and problem-clinics.

Our experts

Aileen Walker
Baroness Alison Suttie
Richard Good
Lord Archy Kirkwood
Sir Bill Jeffrey

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