Politics of anti-corruption

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Within many legislatures, corruption is a persistent issue which restricts economic growth and hinders the equal distribution of its benefits. Corruption is the abuse of public resources or public power for personal gain, which can be manifested in many different forms, from the payment of bribes to diversion of funds, to preferment in allocation of jobs or influential roles. 

GPG works to understand the political drivers for corruption and address these through fostering wider behavioural change within institutions. 

Our approach

Through GPG’s unique peer-to-peer approach, our expert Associates collaborate with reform-minded MPs to understand and improve standards of ethical conduct within legislative bodies. We identify target values and key issues for politicians when developing, implementing, and enforcing reform. We know that behavioural change is a complex process sustained over long timeframes. As a result, we focus on identifying examples of possible changes at the individual level and how those contribute to building pockets of good practice at the institutional level. 

Our experts

Greg Power
Sir Bill Jeffrey
Andrew Feinstein
Lisa Klein
Rasheed Draman
Rick Stapenhurst

Case studies


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