Politics of anti-modern slavery

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It is estimated that 40.3 million people currently live in modern slaveryThey are displaced by force or coercion and suffer abuse and violence. Human trafficking threatens not only the individual’s safety, but also the stability of entire regions. Its effects are felt transnationally and reinforce a feedback loop of political and economic instability 

To help tackle this immense challenge, GPG supports efforts to develop and review legislation tackling human trafficking, as well as produces research and analysis and seeks to build synergies within the affected regions in which we work. 

Our approach

GPG’s work builds on extensive expertise in supporting the implementation of anti-Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking measures alongside governments of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and beyond. We provide peer-to-peer support built around our Associates’ first-hand expertise. We work across several countries with institutions dedicated to the implementation and defense of human rights in order to strengthen their structures, expand their reach, and improve the coordination amongst those involved in tackling human trafficking in the country. We collaborate with governments to strengthen anti-modern slavery legislation by enabling relevant institutions to review legislation and to coordinate national action more coherently and effectively. 

Our experts

Lord Jeremy Purvis
Aileen Walker
Nick Walker
Dame Stella Manzie
Mohammed Abdelsalam Babiker
Sir Paul Silk

Case studies

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