GPG supports politicians, ministers and civil servants worldwide
to improve the quality and effect of their political institutions.

Strengthening representative politics.

Inside the Political Mind

Why have efforts to strengthen the quality of governance in some of the world’s most troubled states so often failed?  Because they almost always ignore the human side of politics.

Inside the Political Mind is available now!

Drawing on his experience of working with hundreds of politicians in more than sixty countries, GPG Founder Greg Power explores how social norms, public expectations and the personal interests of MPs influence the path of political development.

Strengthening institutions

GPG works with elected representatives and permanent officials in national, regional, and local government. We have worked on programmes of parliamentary development, government-parliament relations, decentralisation and local government reform across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Improving policy and impact

The aim of all that work is ultimately to ensure that political institutions improve the quality of policy, legislation, and service delivery. We provide advice to policymakers at every level of government in areas as diverse as tackling human trafficking, anti-corruption, education, health, and human rights.

Managing the process of change

Creating and maintaining that sort of change depends on behaviour more than structure. We draw extensively on insights from the fields of behavioural economics, political analysis and business management to understand and align incentives around the reform of parliament, government, and the public sector.

Selected projects