Inside the Political Mind

The Human Side of Politics and How It Shapes Development

Why have efforts to strengthen the quality of governance in some of the world’s most troubled states so often failed?  Because they almost always ignore the human side of politics.

Inside the Political Mind is available now! Drawing on his experience of working with hundreds of politicians in more than sixty countries, GPG Founder Greg Power explores how social norms, public expectations and the personal interests of MPs influence the path of political development.

Where states are weak, politicians solve problems by going around the state. From Tanzania and Nepal to Iraq and Ukraine, voters want MPs who can find informal fixes, and a reciprocal logic holds the system in place. But this also means that weak institutions tend to stay weak.

Combining insights from behavioural economics, change management, and comparative politics, this fascinating book argues for a different approach to political reform, one concerned less with institutional design and more with the existing logic of human behaviour. One that starts inside the political mind, and works outwards from there.

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Institute for Government launch event

The Institute for Government hosted a discussion on 21 February, during which Greg discussed the book’s themes with Professor David Halpern, Professor Meg Russel, Rt Hon Alistair Burt, and IfG Programme Director Tim Durrant.

Watch a recording of the event:

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The personal side of parliamentary reform

UCL’s Constitution Unit shared a blog in which Greg explores one of his new book’s key themes: the personal side of parliamentary reform. You can read it on their website.

Inside the Political Mind

In our latest blog, Greg explains the central arguments in his new book. Read it on our website.