All of our work is characterised by a desire to find practical application for our insights. GPG’s guides and publications combine our experience in project delivery, strategic analysis and evaluation to provide innovative research and advice on strengthening political development and managing institutional change. Many of our publications are written by our expert Associates, drawing on their experience working at the highest levels of government and politics.

Politically Agile Programming

In the last few years international donor agencies have started exploring ways of delivering support that is ‘politically smart’, locally driven, adaptive, and uses multiple entry points. GPG’s Politically Agile Programming papers reflect our own approach to managing political change, drawing on insights from within the development community as well as those from behavioural economics, business management, and political science.

Guide to parliaments

Parliaments are the single most important representative institution in any system of democratic governance, yet they remain widely misunderstood and are often neglected by international efforts to strengthen governance. GPG’s Guides to Parliament examine parliaments and parliamentary assistance, providing an overview of its structures and functions, voter outreach and executive-legislative relations. They feature contributions from Jacqui Smith, Alex Brazier, and Jonathan Murphy.

Guide to decentralisation

In recent years, we have seen our work expand to support politicians and officials plan and manage decentralisation processes in a number of different countries. The Guide to Decentralisation series – with papers written by Sir Paul Silk, Jacqui Smith and Dianne Bevan – draws on the substantial pool of expertise that we have developed in this field, providing practical advice on designing, implementing and managing the process of decentralisation.

Managing political change

Managing change is a complex process that takes time. Drawing from the knowledge and expertise of GPG Associates, with experience delivering institutional and political change at the most senior levels of government and politics, these papers provide practical insights on political development from the UK and abroad, written by leading political figures including Andrew Feinstein and Dr Gareth McGrath.