Our permanent staff has expertise in a range of geographical areas as well as significant experience of managing governance projects, either remotely or through our local offices.

We currently have more than 11 different nationalities represented amongst our staff, who speak more than 10 different languages and dialects. GPG has offices in London and Amman and is establishing an office in Khartoum.

Founder & Board Chair
Greg Power

Emily Death
Head of Strategy and Business Development
Zafran Iqbal
Head of Programmes and Partnerships
Maria Peiró Mir
Head of Programmes and Development
Nur Saleh
Head of Policy
Adlah Alkurdi
Project Manager
Fatma Khanjar
Project Manager
Haytham Karar
Project Manager
Mia Marty
Programme Officer
Wisdom Lipenga
Legislative Expert
Janet Chingeni
Project Coordinator
Hend Kheiralla
Project Assistant
Madina Myngaiymbek
Impact Evaluation & Communications Officer
Dalva Gerberon
Media & Marketing Coordinator
Joe Power
Head of Operations
Victoria Challacombe
Finance Manager
Christian James
Operations Manager
Doaa Hussein
Finance and Administrative Assistant
Oksana Thomas

Non-executive directors

Non-Executive Director
Roger Usher
Non-Executive Director
Asif Bhatti
Non-Executive Director
Sue Griffiths