Adel Hamaizia

Political and Economic Consultant

Adel Hamaizia is the Managing Director at London-based Highbridge Advisory, a strategic boutique advisory focused on information advantage, risk mitigation, policy development and implementation for companies and governments working in the Middle East, the Balkans, and Africa (MEBA).

He is currently a visiting fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University.

Adel is also a researcher at the University of Oxford, where he focuses on the political economy of Maghreb, and where he previously taught Middle East Politics. He was formerly a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Department of Financial and Management Studies at SOAS, University of London.

He is the Committee Vice-Chairman of the Oxford Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies Forum (OxGAPS) where he is the co-founder and the co-editor of OxGAPS’ thematic-quarterly, “Gulf Affairs”.

Adel is also an associate at Global Partners Governance, and an associate fellow at the Chatham House MENA programme, where he works on political economy and development issues.

He has consulted for several governments, foundations, and private sector organizations with a focus on political risk, due diligence, corporate investigations, public diplomacy and economic development.

Adel regularly convenes and contributes to track 1.5 and 2 meetings, and is engaged in a range of volunteering activities related to employability skills training for students across the Middle East and North Africa.