Issifu Lampo

Parliamentary specialist

Issifu Lampo managed GPG’s project in Tanzania, “Institutions for Inclusive Development”. He has over ten years’ experience in governance, accountability and civil society capacity building both internationally and in Ghana.

Issifu has served as a lead specialist and trainer for parliamentary oversight of poverty reduction through community-based monitoring and effective change management.  Between 2007 and 2013, in his role at the Canadian Parliamentary Centre, Issifu was instrumental in engaging civil society organisations (CSOs) with the Ghanaian legislature, as well as various other parliaments across Africa.

In addition, Issifu has played a key role in developing initiatives aimed at strengthening youth skills in capacity building development projects, with a focus on effective advocacy strategies. He has supported and trained CSO and public institutions on change management, the use of social and public accountability tools for monitoring and evaluation of poverty, as part of the Department for International Development’s (DFID) Social Accountability Fund in 2004-2007 in Ghana.

Issifu holds a Masters’ degree in Development Studies from London’s South Bank University (2002) and Masters’ and Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations from Kiev State University (1988 and 1986).