Gavin Callaghan

Former Council Leader

Gavin Callaghan is the elected Leader of Basildon Council in South Essex. First elected at the age of 23, he has held several senior roles within local government. As Leader, Gavin unites a coalition of various political groups, all with diverse backgrounds, around a cohesive set of place-making policies. He oversees a budget of nearly £350 million and ensures the governance of the authority remains robust.

Gavin’s expertise lies in local and regional government, political communication, and strategy. He is dedicated to political messaging, communication, and strategy implementation, working closely with key stakeholders across the public, private, and voluntary sectors, as well as maintaining strong connections with central government and ministers.

As one of the youngest council leaders in the UK, Gavin is committed to diversifying the intake of individuals into local government, advocating for greater representation of young people, women, and those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Before his election, Gavin worked in Westminster for three Members of the UK Parliament and as a lobbyist for national charities. He holds a degree in politics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, specialising in UK and US foreign policy.