Handbook on Parliamentary Ethics and Conduct – A Guide for Parliamentarians

This handbook on parliamentary ethics was developed with the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) and WFD.  It has two purposes, first, to describe and explain the constituent parts of a system of ethics and conduct to be implemented and, second, to identify the key issues for politicians in developing, implementing and enforcing such a system.

The handbook does not aim to provide a universal blueprint, capable of being implemented in every legislature.  This is not feasible.  It is impossible to transplant practice directly from one parliament to another.  The content, structure and provisions will vary according to the political context, culture and rules that exist within that institution.  Instead the guide sets out the key stages of a political reform process – firstly, establishing political agreement on the broad principles for ethics and conduct, and then building more detailed rules and mechanisms for their enforcement.

It is aimed, principally, at reform-minded members of parliament (MPs) but, we hope, will also be used by others seeking to understand and improve standards of ethical conduct within legislative bodies.