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April 2022


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Associate Profile Series | Moataz Ghaddar

This month’s Associate Profile interviews Moataz Ghaddar, a Lebanese researcher, trainer, and consultant who has dedicated the past few years to providing trainings in a wide range of topics relating to human rights and gender equality. He has been involved with our Lebanon work since 2020.

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Winning with Women Celebrating International Women’s Day in Lebanon

Moataz Ghaddar is a Lebanese researcher, trainer and consultant supporting GPG on our Lebanon project. Since 2021, he has been working with potential women candidates to run for municipal office in the country. For International Women’s Day, read about the project and the relevance for women to participate in the political scene in Lebanon and beyond.

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Bridging the gap Engaging with civil society and young people in Uzbekistan 

Our latest blog discusses GPG’s work with the Human Rights Commission of the Oliy Majlis in Uzbekistan and our team’s visit to Tashkent in February.


GPG gathers anti-modern slavery best practice

The Modern Slavery project in Sudan is reaching its conclusion this month. In March, GPG conducted a visit to Cairo to add to a comparative study on which we are working, and incorporate the Egyptian experience in combating human trafficking to our research. During the visit, GPG met with the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons (NCCPIM&TIP). We discussed its role in working against trafficking, coordination across governmental institutes and other stakeholders, and Egypt’s willingness to share about their experience in preventing human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Following GPG’s visit to Egypt, we are currently finalising our comparative study of the National Referral Mechanisms (NRM) across countries, which aims to draft a roadmap on how to launch a victim referral system in Sudan, whenever it becomes an option. The study outlines best practice across Sudan Bahrain, the United Kingdom, and Egypt , and the efforts of local and international organisations in identifying common challenges, addressing human trafficking, and the coordination required by all stakeholders to combat these crimes. 


Uzbekistan team completes Oily Majlis project supporting the Human Rights Commission

It is with great delight and pride that GPGF finalised its two-year project in Uzbekistan supporting the parliamentary commission for human rights. For the last phase of our project, our team focused on youth rights and improving the process of parliamentary inquiries. We then produced a guidebook at the attention of the Human Rights Commission which addresses parliamentary inquiry. The guide was based on examples drawn from international best practice and holds strong potential for dissemination across Parliament.

For the Research strand of our work in Uzbekistan, GPGF finished project examining regional security in Central Asia. The study sought to assess possible security threats emerging from the current situation in Afghanistan for Central Asian countries, and will be promptly presented to relevant stakeholders.


Formulating the next stage of our work in Lebanon

After a very successful and productive visit in February, the Lebanon team wrapped up the first strand of our project, training sessions on campaign management in the Lebanese context with the help of our Associates and Lebanese experts: Dr Josephine Zgheib, Dr Halimeh Kaakour, and Mr Moataz Ghaddar.

Our team is building on the participants’ incredible achievements and feedback to prepare the next strand of our project. This stage will focus on Male Allies and will unfold this summer. In the meantime, we are anticipating the upcoming general elections, which are planned to take place on 15 May in Lebanon.

We send our happy Ramadan and (belated) Easter wishes to all our stakeholders and are looking forward to sharing more in the coming months!