Matthew Taylor

Former Director of Operations and Member Services at the UK Parliament

Until his retirement in 2016, Matthew was Director of Resources for the UK Parliamentary Digital Service and formerly Director of Parliamentary ICT, Director of Operations and Member Services, and Director of the Parliamentary Communications Directorate. Whilst Head of Parliamentary ICT he was a member of the House of Commons and House of Lords management boards, having collective responsibility for the leadership and management of the Houses of Parliament.

He oversaw the delivery of digital services to approximately 8,000 Parliamentary users (members, their staff and staff of the administration) in more than 2,000 locations across the UK. He led ICT policy development and programmes for new services at four General Elections – innovating member services and managing key stakeholders (members, select committees, the commission, staff, suppliers and the media) whilst exercising prudence over the public purse. In addition to his ICT, digital and senior management responsibilities he was a member of the UK Parliament’s Silver command and took the operational lead in the event of major incidents.