Afghanistan mini-series

Over the month of September 2021, GPG published a short series of blogs examining the context and impact of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Read them here:

Sadness and mounting alarm: some personal reflections on Afghanistan

GPG Associate Sir Bill Jeffrey is a retired UK civil servant, former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, with wide experience of Government. In this week’s blog, he examines the situation ongoing in Afghanistan and reflects on the challenges and lessons that arose from decades of foreign policy in the country and wider region.

Global attention on Afghanistan highlights plight of young refugees

Elizabett Yashneva is GPG’s Project Officer. She is interested in exploring areas of international law and social politics related to the promotion of human rights and equal representation. She believes that progress in any aspect of society starts from a comprehensive dialogue between older and younger generations. Elizabett has been involved in projects aiming to raise the importance of youth education and involvement in political life, which included the development of the Verkhovna Rada education programme in Ukraine and organising a forum on youth participation and engagement for the Oliy Majlis Human Rights Committee in Uzbekistan. 

Reflections on Afghanistan: What future awaits international diplomacy?

This is the third part of our blog mini-series examining the context and impact of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. In this week’s piece, GPG’s Head of Programmes Zafran Iqbal reflects on what this crisis revealed of the state of international diplomacy, and what lessons can be drawn by the international community.