Adlah Alkurdi

Head of Policy

Adlah has over 10 years of experience in managing the design and delivery of political strengthening and public sector reform programmes, resulting in the establishment of new legislation, policies, and procedures. With expertise in governance, policy development, stakeholder engagement, project management, and monitoring and evaluation in the UK and the MENA region, she has experience in the design and delivery of multi-million-pound projects for UK FCDO and SIDA. Her specialist skills include Political Economy Analysis, Gender, and Conflict Sensitive programming.

Adlah completed her BA in political science and her Master of Science degree in International Development Administration and Planning from University College London. She is a passionate advocate for strengthening women’s political voices and she dedicated her Master’s thesis to examining the potential for electoral gender quotas in the Arab world. Adlah speaks Arabic and English fluently. 

Adlah has over 5 years’ experience in political consultancy with Global Partners Governance, working directly with governments, parliaments, and local authorities internationally to transfer UK best practices in the legislative process, as well as parliamentary practice and procedure to improve the quality of political representation.