Faten Hussein

Senior Specialist for the House of Commons Scrutiny Unit

Faten’s core expertise is in International Development, particularly in parliamentary development and governance, and she has a growing interest in Global Health. between 2004 and 2018, Faten worked extensively in several Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan, and others outside the region like Fiji. Previously, she held the positions of Deputy Director and Head of MENA Programme at Global Partners Governance (GPG), delivering and evaluating development projects.

As Deputy Director she was part of the senior management team that established and implemented the organisation’s governance structure, and led on strategic development and financial planning. She also led on staff management and development, and represented GPG with high-level UK government and international stakeholder. As Head of MENA, she led on the design, financial management and delivery of projects in the Middle East, in stable, conflict, and post-conflict countries. In 2012, Faten set up the Egyptian company, Global Partners Egypt (GPE), amidst ingrained bureaucratic and legal obstacles, and political instability. In 2018, Faten earned a PhD in the medical/health humanities at King’s College London, looking at social and cultural attitudes towards health and illness in Arab countries, and the links between failure in health systems and the larger political context. She published on her work for the American University in Cairo, and Routledge among others.

Since 2018, Faten have been working for the House of Commons, where she carried out a specialist role for several international facing committees, including the International Development Committee, the International Trade Committee, and the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy. She currently works for the House of Commons’ Scrutiny Unit, mainly on professional development for Specialists and on research-policy engagement.

Faten is bilingual Arabic/English, and speaks basic to intermediate Spanish, French and Italian.